Veggie Re-Grow Challenge!

We like to re-use our vegetables.  I understand this may sound strange, but did you know you can grow new veggies from the ones you buy at the grocery store?

We most commonly do this with celery.  It’s fun to chop the bottom off, set it in a dish of water in the window and watch it re-grow.  It doesn’t take very long either.  Eventually we need to put it soil in a pot to allow it to complete it’s growth and then voila, a whole new celery plant for us to enjoy.

Recently we did this and we had two celery bottoms to start re-growing.  One was organic and one wasn’t.  And this is what happened…


Can you guess which is the organic and which is not?  I’m sure you can.  The organic took off and grew really well right from the start.

This is a great simplistic illustration of why we should choose to fuel our body with organic foods.  They have the nutrients.  When a plant is growing, especially the first phase of growth, it needs an abundance of energy and nutrition to do this successfully.
Think of how much more complex your body is compared to my little celery plant.  There are a lot of organs and systems inside you and the food choices you make are either going to fuel them with the nutrients they need to serve you well or…
It’s your choice.

I know the cost of buying organic produce is a road block for some people making the switch to eating organic.  Yep, it does cost more, but it also comes with more benefits for your health then the other produce AND if you can re-grow it, you can eat it all over again without spending any more money!  Amazing!

I encourage you to try out this little experiment for yourself and have a “re-grow race” with some produce.  Organic vs. non-organic.  Go!

I’d love to hear about your own produce re-grow race experience.
What did you use?
Which was the winner?


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