Sunshine Injections Now Available

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It’s commonly known that we get most of our Vitamin D supply from sun exposure.  This can be rather hard to achieve when living in Canada where we only have a brief period of time with long daylight hours. 

Vitamin D has many roles in the body including: 

-growth and development

-immune function

-memory and focus

-healthy mood



-management of blood calcium levels

-bone health

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and is readily available in oral supplement form.  Since it’s fat soluble it gets absorbed best when consumed with a fat containing food.  A lot of supplemental vitamin D are in a form that require the digestive system to breakdown the supplement and absorb it before it can be available to the body.  

For many people it’s a struggle to keep their vitamin D levels at an optimal level. 

Vitamin D injections are a great alternative.  The injection is done intramuscularly (into the muscle) and provide a large dose of Vitamin D.  The muscle then gradually releases the Vitamin D into the blood stream. 

Research has shown that after one injection, Vitamin D levels continue to rise for several weeks, and will remain improved for several months. 

What form of Vitamin D is used?
We use Vitamin D3.  This is the form that the body can use right away without need to convert it. 

What is the process? 
Recent blood work is required to confirm your low vitamin D status before an injection can be administered.  This can be obtained from your MD or your ND.
Injections are typically repeated in 3 to 6 months.  Blood work will need to be repeated before your second injection to confirm how your body is using the injection. 

If you are already a patient of one of the NDs in our clinic please book a short 15 minute visit with them to find out if Vitamin D injections are appropriate for you.
New patients who are only interested in a Vitamin D3 injection are asked to have a short 30 minute initial consultation with our administering ND, Dr. Jennifer Kaster ND, to assess your need and determine if this is appropriate and safe for you. We require a new patient form to be filled out prior to this appointment and please bring along your most recent blood work showing Vitamin D levels if you have it.
If it is determined that it is safe and appropriate for you, and all the lab work has been completed then you will receive your first shot at this initial visit.  If further testing is needed, the ND will order that and the injection will be given on a later date if the lab work shows it’s necessary. 

Please reach out to me with any questions you may have.

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