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I’m currently reading the book “Food Energetics- The Spiritual, Emotional, and Nutritional Power of What We Eat” by Steve Gagne.  I’m just scratching the surface of it, but am excited for the information that lies ahead.  I think this is a fascinating aspect of how food influences us.  Food isn’t just all about vitamins and minerals.

In my reading today I can across one of Steve’s guidelines in regards to food and eating and it’s one that really resonates with me as I continue to find ways to be a healthier eater.

“If you can, eat foods you grow yourself.  This is a helpful principle, whether the amount involved is 80 percent of your total diet or 2 percent.  If you do grow your own food (as free of toxic pollutants as possible), in a short while you will begin to know quality because you will play a crucial role in determining it….  Growing your own food allows you to develop a more intimate relationship with your food, because you are in a position to experience its life process from beginning to end.”

This year is the first year, in my adult life, that I’ve had a vegetable garden in my backyard.   I love the idea of growing my own food.IMG_3168

If I can create this, YOU can create your own as well.

We kept things very basic.  Nothing fancy.  We used old cinder blocks we had on hand to create our garden boarder.  They work really well and allow you the flexibility to make your garden as big or small as you like.  And the side holes are prefect for the smaller plants.

We started our seeds inside early in the spring.  I think the hardest part has been waiting for the weather to warm up enough this spring to allow us to move our little plants outside.

After the move, they’ve been watered every day and sometimes get a little extra nutrients to encourage growth.

And voila!  Our garden has exploded. IMG_3169

Now to be patient and wait for the moment we can enjoy the fruits of our labor!



I challenge you to make one step today towards growing your own food.
What will it be?  Choosing a space in your yard or balcony to put your garden?  Breaking ground?  Writing a list of what herbs, vegetables or fruits you’d enjoy growing?  Heading to the nursery to explore the variety of plants there are and spontaneously picking which ones you want?

Have fun with it!


Written by Jennifer Kaster ND ~ Here to help you achieve wellness… the natural way!

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