Coffee Break!

I’m fortunate that I very rarely have headaches, but yesterday I had a doozy.  I don’t know if it was the intense heat or all the humidity we’ve been having, but my head was pounding all day.

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By late afternoon I was desperate for relief and I decided to test the information I’d been reading about coffee enemas and pain relief.  Usually people start to get squeamish when I mention taking in coffee through the “backdoor” as opposed to the way most enjoy it daily.

I got myself all set up – cozy area to relax in the bathroom while doing the enema (I’m not ready to attempt being in another room while doing my enemas just yet); reading material ready; meditation app cued up on my phone.  I brewed up my medium roast organic coffee and once it was cooled to body temperature I was ready to go!

It takes a few minutes for all the coffee to get “into place” shall we say and then it’s simply time to relax for 12-15 minutes while it works its magic before releasing.

I didn’t feel immediate relief, but after half an hour my headache was greatly reduced and in an hour it was completely gone. 

So you’re probably wondering how this works.

The pain relieving effects of coffee enemas have been experienced time and time again, but the exact explanation for this effect is still mostly unknown.

What we do know about coffee enemas is that they are incredible aids for detoxification of the body.

When coffee is introduced into the colon (lower end of the digestive trac

k) it’s quickly absorbed into the blood stream via the hemorrhoidal veins and delivered directly to the liver through the portal vein system.

The main purpose of the enema is to remove toxins accumulated in the liver and other tissues of the body.  Coffee, taken in this manner, is the only substance that will open up the bile ducts and allow the liver to easily release toxic ridden bile. 

Every 3 minutes ALL the blood in the body passes through the liver.  A coffee enema is only held for 12-15 minutes, which allows an entire body’s worth of blood to be detoxified 4-5 times!  During this time the coffee also increases the enzyme system in the liver by up to 600%.  This enzyme system reacts with free radicals in the blood making them inert.  The neutralized free radicals are then dissolved in the bile, are released through the bile from the liver and gall bladder and finally excreted from the body through the intestinal tract.

So there you have it.  The many benefits of coffee.  No cream or sugar needed for this coffee break!

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